$FreeBird Token Info

$FreeBird's Token Contract Security Overview
We chose the ERC20 token that makes it possible to write and interact with tools, such as liquidity pools and wallets, that work with all ERC-20 tokens.
We used OpenZeppelin's ERC20 token standard was chosen for its security advanced measures applied to the ERC20 standard. These measures are implemented to keep users safe from contract manipulation techniques, such as:
· Tokens that block addresses
· Tokens that execute arbitrary code on senders/receivers using “hooks”
· Tokens that prevent certain transfer operations
The Contract is designed to store the current contract-admin/owner address and restricts all other addresses from interacting with these functions:
· setAdmin()
· mint()
· batchMint().
The contract also designates a function to call the admin wallet address for public viewing, that is by default always indexed within the contract. Prior to launch on July 4th when the contract is deployed, the name and the ticker symbol shall be recorded for public viewing and indexed to the internal value associated with its function. The DECENTRELON team is providing an extra layer of security by using a proven Solidity development called “Hardhat” for the actual polygon main net deployment process.