The Solution

The Solution: Facilitate the Decentralization of Twitter with $Freebird
DECENTRELON is a movement for the hundreds of millions of people that use Twitter and have never been rewarded for making it what it is. We’re giving voices to the masses to decentralize Twitter and turn it into the protocol it was always meant to be.
We’re going over the heads of the establishment to offer all Twitter users a deal: full control over their future and a share of voting rights ($FREEBIRD Tokens) that governs the revolutionary crypto wallet software, treasury, and ultimately makes up a digital political activist party.
With Twitter’s ~400 million active users and ~230 million monetizable daily active users, this will serve as the largest airdrop and has the potential to onboard more users to crypto than exist in the entire market and if even partially successful, will allow the decentralization of Twitter directly to its users.
Freebird Token Holders, Explaining How They Became Founding Fathers Of A Digital Nation | Circa 2022
At launch, the DECENTRELON app where users claim will also include a fully functioning crypto wallet, allowing users to buy, sell, send, swap, and receive cryptocurrency. The wallet features half the fees of the leading crypto wallet, and all fee proceeds are directly allocated to the DECENTRELON treasury.
Users can simply Tweet to Claim their $FREEBIRD tokens, spreading the word forward with #Freebird Airdrop, and allow them to join the worldwide panel of delegates, that will govern the future of DECENTRELON's Ecosystem as a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization)