The DECENTRELON roadmap is outlined below. It is important to note that the team facilitating the launch of DECENTRELON intends to follow an “Exit to Community” strategy, to fully allow $FREEBIRD holders to direct the future of the DAO, and vote on future ownership.
  • Landing page with whitepaper and countdown launched.
  • DECENTRELON Web App Claim Soft Launch July 4th
  • Refreral Dashboard Tracking Web App
  • App launch – Fully functional cryptocurrency wallet (IOS / Google Play).
  • $FREEBIRD Token Uniswap V3 Liquidity Injection – Token will act as a governance token and future utility and community proposals and initiatives will be able to be proposed.
  • Sept 17th, 2023 [The Day The Constitution Was Signed] The First Governance Vote, To Address Treasury, Userbase, and Decide The Future Of DECENTRELON's government.
  • Treasury can be leveraged by the community to acquire Twitter, fund the development of a new decentralized platform, or complete any other mission proposed and voted on by $FREEBIRD holders