DECENTRELON is conducting the largest airdrop claim ever done in crypto, which is a movement to ensure the decentralization of Twitter, and the creation of the largest digital network state, inspired by Balaji Srinivasan.
Every current Twitter user will be able to participate and with our success, and through optimizing this memetic flywheel we have the oppurtunity to onboard more users to crypto than exist in its entirety.
We encourage followers, supporters, and critics to read Balaji’s article, “The Elondrop” The article is available at
Within these documents, we aim to:
  • Establish thoughtful reasoning for why Twitter should be decentralized.
  • Explain how DECENTRELON has the potential to decentralize Twitter.
  • Walk through the illustrative mechanics of acquiring Twitter, and why we believe it’s possible.
  • Outline the technical mechanics of $Freebird.
Many thanks to the DECENTRALIZED INTELLIGENCE AGENCY. Without their support, this would not have been possible.