A Calculated Win State

To build a great armory, we build a great meme, software for it to spread with, and a platform to update and build on.
In order to ENSURE Operation Freebirds’ success, tokens coming out of the smart contract and DEX are soul-bound to the wallet they enter, meaning they cannot be transferred until the war is over.
This war set from Independence Day 2022 will remain in the Founding Father's hands until Sept 17th, representing the day the Constitution was actually signed, as the day we allow all token holders to make major votes on the entire future of the DECENTRELON project.
In business, this is often reffered to as a VESTING PERIOD.
The value a vesting period has on a project's lifespan is IMMENSE.
“A healthy token economy requires that most tokens are held by investors and not placed on the market. Locking up tokens allows the team to have a firm grasp of the value of their token. It also disables the developers to sell off their tokens right after the trading goes live, hence, protecting the interest of the holders.
By locking up tokens, projects prevent dumpers from crashing the price as soon as the token gets listed on any exchange. It is usually a part of their anti-dump policy to attract more investors by gaining their trust in the longevity of the project.
Here are some of the benefits of having a lockup period:
  1. 1.
    Token lockup provides time for a product to be developed and launched, especially if there is no prototype yet. During this period, investors can evaluate the progress of the project and decide whether they want to hold on to their tokens or exchange them into another currency, such as Ether or Bitcoin.
  2. 2.
    It also reduces unprofessional hype around projects. Many token buyers see so-called "pump and dump" schemes (when insiders/institutional investors buy cheap and hype up projects in order to sell their assets at higher prices) as unethical.”
Investors, Advisors, Team Members, and Strategic Partners in projects that are built to LAST have their token allocation placed under vesting periods.
We see every single person who shares becomes a token holder as a strategic partner in bringing forward the revolution of the ownership economy.
$Freebird Tokens Are Able To Be Acquired In These Ways:
  1. 1.
    Through Claiming By Tweeting
  2. 2.
    Through Referring Those Who Claim By Tweeting
  3. 3.
    Through Purchasing Off The DEX [Decentralized Exchange]
We are HACKING the potential of our project by turning every single person into a partner. Dispelling those who seek to claim and drop off, who serve nothing to the revolution.
With this mechanism, we have one way to go, which is closer to putting in a higher bid for Twitter and giving control and ownership to this very DAO.