7/7/22 Debriefing

An Update On The Twitter Revolution
Our Application With The IOS App store is taking longer than expected. Once we released this we made a web application and On July 4th at 11:11PM PST we launched it. We decided to hold off on pushing the claim process, but wanted to have something there so we did not completely miss our launch date. To our suprise over 500 people claimed. This was INSANE to see. This proves our idea that this is a truly memetic movement.
We are memeing so hard we are bound to build a new digital nation. Twitter has an insane pull on US politics, we will use this to our righteous ends.
We will usher in a new impenetrable democracy to diminish corruption till gone, which is the number one reason for the lack of human flourishing.
We PROVED the base node meme power, it is simply a matter of breaking into a positive feedback loop now.
We are playing an infinite game of a better future, not just creating a product.
As we will continue to make updates we are planning to continue to disrupt the establishment in tandem with the Decentralized Intelligence Agency. One such idea is to fund a campaign to get someone in government who agrees for all of their votes to follow that which our DAO votes. This is the start of our plans to create a decentralized democracy.
Tech Side:
We are adding the wallet and referral system into the web app dashboard
We have resubmitted the app to IOS and waiting for approval from Apple.
We are adding new claim photos and textual tests in order to test which has the highest CTR on the postings. We are calculating this by comparing the amount of follower exposure to the link traffic we receive.
Token Side: We released a new smart contract that featured hosting our own DEX. We will be posting this publicly when the app releases.